Inside and out, Presidio Theatre construction is making progress

By Andrew McCormick
April 5, 2018

The Presidio Theatre rehaibilitation project is rapidly transforming the long-neglected theater building and the grounds surrounding it. We took these photos of progress recently, showing the original "shreaded wheat" acoustic paneling inside and seats removed, and large-scale excavation happening underneath the building and outside to the west.

Building a new basement level requires extending the building's underpinnings, a delicate operation that involves supporting the entire building on wooden posts, digging under the original underpinnings, building new rebar structures and pouring concrete, then removing the surrounding dirt. Plant Construction and their subcontractors are real masters of their craft, and it's fascinating watching this work happen.

Stay tuned for more project updates, and be sure to check out the two webcams on the site (one inside, one outside) here.

The moldy seats and carpet are out. As a result, you can actually breathe in the auditorium now.